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Residential Consultancy

Garden management and maintenance consultancy is available for customers such as homeowners, residents' associations and private estates. Covering everything from individuals looking for one-off advice to get the best from their garden (of any size), right through to the management of large private estates. By engaging the services of a horticultural consultant you can ensure that you are able to target your efforts in the most cost-effective way, and at the same time ensure you enjoy the very best you can get from your green space. Different clients have different priorities, and a horticultural consultant can help you faciliate your own goals effectively, whether that be maximising biodiversity, minimising maintenance, or tackling any number of garden management challenges.

Bespoke consultancy - an on-site meeting and walk-around of your site allows us to really get to grips with your aspirations for your garden and how these may be achievable. Additional services can include soil tests and recommended plant lists. The meeting is followed up with a detailed PDF summary report.

Regular/Ongoing consultancy - clients are often interested in regular visits which may be quarterly, bi-annual or annual. These provide you with a guiding hand to ensure that the goals outlined at the start of the process are being achieved, and where necessary management can be tweaked to accommodate your progress, whether that be developing new planting schemes or adjusting invasive weed remediation techniques.

Video-call consultancy - for some clients it is possible that a combination of emailed photographs of the garden, along with details about your aspirations for it or issues you are looking to address, can be followed up with a video-call consultation. This normally last around 30 minutes, but can be longer by arrangement.

Grounds/Estate management - for larger sites a management service is available that will begins with an overall site management plan being created which can then be monitored, usually on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, to ensure the site is being maintained and developed in the best possible way.

Grounds maintenance specifications - suitable for the likes of residents associations, these maintenance schedules can be used for tendering purposes or to help guide your existing/in-house team of gardeners.

Planting plans & garden design - a full planting design and garden design service is available. Planting plans are available nationwide, and garden design is available in the Glasgow area.

Online planting plans - planting plans are available delivered as a PDF after you have sent a soil sample and photographs, and answered a questionnaire about the conditions and dimensions of your garden.

Gift tokens - for bespoke consultancy visits, these can be purchased as a gift token which is delivered as a PDF document and the lucky recipient can then arrange the date of the consultancy after receiving the gift.

To contact Tom for an informal chat and to find out more, call 07547 525601 or email

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