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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer horticultural consultancy services to both residential and business customers?

Yes. Jobs vary from landscape reviews of nationwide property portfolios through to consultancy visits or garden design for urban courtyard gardens. For commercial clients and larger residential projects a UK-wide service is offered, for smaller, residential projects services are available in the greater Glasgow area.


Do you offer a garden maintenance or landscaping service?

No. In some instances I can facilitate a soft landscaping service (planting) in the Glasgow area.


What areas do you cover?

I'm based in Glasgow, and for jobs such as residential consultancy, I tend to stick to the greater Glasgow area. For larger contracts, I am able to offer a UK-wide service, and to date my work has taken me as far afield as France. If you're not sure, drop me a line, sometimes I'm happy to travel and will simply include expenses for this if that is the case.


Do you have a minimum size job?

No. I've consulted on terraces and courtyards, as well as large residential estates, property portfolios and rural path networks.


What exactly is covered by your services?

I offer bespoke horticultural consultancy focused on the management and design of soft landscapes - the living elements of your garden or grounds. I also offer garden design, planting design (creating planting plans for flowerbeds) and invasive weed surveys. I do not offer dispute resolution, expert witness services, consultancy on hard landscaping, arboricultural surveys or aquatic invasive weed surveys. In terms of horticultural consultancy I do not advise on growing fruit and vegetables, nor do I advise on nursery production of plants or operation of garden centres.


I'm not really sure what kind of assistance I need, can you help?

Yes! Drop me a line or give me a call. It is often easier for me to work out what your problem actually is even if you are not entirely sure yourself.


How much is it?

This varies enormously, but horticultural consultancy starts from around £500 plus VAT for single sites. Planting plans start at around £500 and full garden designs start from around £2000. Expenses are added on for jobs outside the greater Glasgow area.


What are your typical lead times?

This varies, but usually around 4-8 weeks. 


What is your experience and training?

I am a Chartered Horticulturist, Master of Horticulture (RHS) and fully-qualified garden designer (with Distinction). I began my career in 2003 - I started in conservation in New Zealand, then worked in landscape construction in London and Scotland, followed by twelve years running my own Scotland-wide commercial gardening company, before moving into garden design and ultimately setting up my consultancy business.


Are you accredited?

Yes. I am a fully-accredited member of the Professional Garden Consultants Association and a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture (CIH). I am also the secretary and former chairman of the Scottish branch of the CIH.


Are you insured?

Yes. I have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.


Do you offer consultancy by phone or video call?

Yes I do, though it is not possible in all cases. Drop me a line or give me a call and we can work out if I can help.


Do you need to visit the garden or site?

This depends. It is almost always better if I can visit the site, but I understand that this is not always possible. Planting plans created for architects are one example of jobs where I would not necessarily need to visit the site.


Can I purchase your services as a gift token?

Yes. For bespoke residential consultancy I can provide a PDF gift token, and the recipient can then arrange the date of the consultation after receiving the gift.


I'm still not sure, can I call for a chat?

Of course! Drop me a line on or call 07547 525601


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